Plant your own vegetables all years round.

No bugs and pesticides. Only clean and healthy.

All you need is a small place and a little DIY effort.

Healthy Vegetables, Healthy Life, Happy Family!

In the other way, you can breed your butterflies or insects

í˘Please click for large photos of all kinds of vegetablesí˘

We apply special lampshade

You can add Light bulb to keep warmer

and speed up growth of your plant.

Four Season Garden (Bug-Free Cage)
US Japne Patent

Name: Multipurpose box with sliding windows

Purpose: Suitable for both soil and water cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits year-round.

Functions: Anti-bugs, cold-proof, warmth-keeping. Suitable for anywhere.

Other Applications: butterfly ,insect , Chinese medicine herbal plant , precious plant , pets ...
Special application for raising butterflies or insects
Watch and take care of your butterflies form all directions!

[Design Idea]

  1. Closed space keep bugs away from your vegetables : no needs for insecticides or pesticides

  2. Easy Usage: take care of your plants from all-direction full-open or half-open windows

  3. Easy DIY: easy to install and to dismantle, compact size for small place and space.

  4. Easy Structure: compact combination for easy transportation and stocks

  5. Speedy Growth: Add light bulb to keep warm and to speed the growth of your plants.


You can purchase base, whole set with or

without lampshade

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